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The Secrets To High Sierra Wave Hydration Pack
31.03.2018 00:57

High Sierra Wave Hydration Pack is a product that has proven to be an efficient hiking tool. Hydration packs have become essentials among athletes. It allows them to bring around water while they are on the go.  Typically, if a person talks about a hydration pack, they would imply a backpack that holds a reservoir of water or bladder. The reservoir is linked to a hose running out of the bag all the way to the person’s mouth.

At the opposite end, there is a bite valve that lets the user start or stop water flow by only using the mouth. Its mouth valve is round with a plastic piece inside. Once you bite it to drink water, your mouth can easily grasp the round plastic near the valve’s tip.  With this mechanism, the hands can do other things while drinking without even stopping.

Hydration packs like the High Sierra Wave Hydration Pack became well known with motocross riders and mountain bikers when they realized the value of not having to take off their hands on the bar while drinking. The idea became the start of how hydration became standardized in endurance sports. Outdoor activities are turning out to be conventional not just for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts but any outdoor family activity. One aspect that can add to the fun and convenience of such activity is by having appropriate accessories and gears. Of course, hydration is an essential factor for any activity.

With the High Sierra Wave Hydration Pack, you can be ensured with the right amount of hydration the easy way. This is by decidedly one of the most affordable hydration specific backpacks on the market making it an attractive gear for hikers and dedicated athletes. Considered as an excellent gear for hiking, skiing, and biking, the Wave 50 lives up to its name. It can carry around one and a half liters of water. With hands-free hydration, you can rejuvenate even if you are pedaling your bike or doing something with your hands. Its features are specially designed to offer a person with extreme convenience.

It has smart extras such as a zippered accessory pocket in the front which can hold small things like cell phone and keys, the insulated cover tube which prevents water from freezing, and an accessible reservoir cap. With the High Sierra Wave Hydration Pack you will not only be doing your activity with ease, but you can be hydrated with benefits.

High Sierra Wave Hydration Pack Review

Made from durable materials, its durability is almost flawless. It has waffle weave material, and Vapel meshes back which wicks the moisture. It is so convenient that it comes with adjustable straps and a reflective loop that can hold or hang an LED blinker. Weighing just 1.5 pounds your shoulders and back will almost not feel it hugging your body.  What makes it even better is that it is compatible with almost any filtration system with water bottle cap.

Another beautiful thing about this product is that it comes at an affordable price. You can purchase it from and great discounts or in sports shops near you. It is available in a variety of colors specifically graphite and chipotle, graphite and black, graphite and ultra blue, Ash Wavy Stripes and Amazon, Ash Wavy Stripes and Pomodoro, and Graphite and Flash Red.

There are several variants of the High Sierra Wave Hydration Pack all of which are having similar features. The Wave comes with the Wave 50 and Wave 70 with the former having a 1.5L capacity and the latter a 2L water capacity. Other hydration packs offered by High Sierra includes the Longshot 70, Soaker 70, Splash 70, and Quickshot70.

High Sierra is a company that has been well trusted by many adventurers when it comes to the top of the line and top quality bags. Apart from the High Sierra Wave Hydration Pack, the company also produces a line of duffels, traditional luggage, travel luggage, business and laptop bags, active outdoor bags, day pack and messenger backs, sleeping bags, and other camping materials. All of its products are specially designed to offer convenience to everyone.  Made from the finest materials, High Sierra bags are without doubt efficient.

When you wear the High Sierra Wave Hydration Pack, you can be assured that you will be hydrated without the hassle of stopping for a glass while running, hiking, biking, or doing other active sports. There are other brands out there offering quality hydration packs, but you can appreciate what High Sierra can provide you with once you start using its hydration packs.

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